Customer Satisfaction Survey Software OJSS Vote

Customer Satisfaction Survey Software OJSS Vote

OJSS Vote is a fully contactless tool for gathering and analyzing real-time feedback from your customers.

Three simple steps for setup this tool 

1. Create and Print question on sticker 

2. post at your business sites

3. Gather Customer Votes and Analyze Data

Benefits of Using

Real-time customer feedback

One-tap interaction


Easy to use

Any where, Anytime 24*7


Frequently Asked Questions

I am already on Yelp, Google, and TripAdvisor. Why do I need OJSS Vote?

Most of the popular review sites create an external image of a business in the social world. OJSS Vote is an internal tool. Your customers will use it to tell you in real-time the truth about your services. This helps you fix small issues before they become big and before they show up in Facebook/Google/Yelp as a negative review.

Will my customers really vote? My FB/Google/Yelp reviews are very few.

Popular review sites require going to the site, sign-in, and type comments. Reviews and comments are usually visible to everyone including the reviewer’s circle of friends. That’s why statistically only 2 percent of customers submit external reviews. Usually when they are either very happy or very frustrated. In comparison, with the anonymous, one-tap QR smiley scan your customers vote on-the-go and can be honest about their level of satisfaction. Our real life metrics are loud and clear that the customers do vote, and in large numbers – certainly large enough to catch a good or a bad trend.

Do I have to have stickers? Can it be a stand?

Formats don’t matter – as long as it is visible and easy for the customers to scan. Poster, stand, table tent, even electronically on a TV display – all work.

Can I just make many copies of the same question and post it to different locations?

Absolutely! In fact, many of our clients print OJSS Vote smileys as inserts into their customers’ takeout orders. Rule of thumb: if you are interested in feedback at specific physical location, it is best to have a separate question. Otherwise, you can make as many copies as you want to track feedback from the specific customer group.

I see the value in the data OJSS Vote can provide me. But I have limited time and internal resources to focus on it. Can I fully outsource OJSS Vote, both installation and maintenance?

You can. Our flexible model includes implementing OJSS Vote in a fully outsourced model. You will only be receiving the regular reports, plus an assigned account manager with experience in your industry segment will provide practical recommendations based on the feedback of your customers. Contact us at [email protected], and we will discuss how we can make it happen for your business.