Custom Website Designing

Custom Website Designing



Tailor Your Website to Fit Your Unique Needs


As business models grow and evolve, standing out involves taking extra steps to make your website shine. This means adapting technology solutions to meet your company’s unique needs and providing an attractive, functional website design that will stand out from the crowd. A Journal of Behavior & Information Technology study found that a website's "visual appeal can be assessed within 50 milli-seconds, suggesting that web designers have about 50 milli-seconds to make a good impression."


Creative Developers for Customized Websites

At OJSS IT Consultancy, we service the entrepreneur to the Fortune 100, and we understand how important it is to develop technology that perfectly suits your company / company's targeted visitors and even provide design solutions that nobody has seen before. Our innovative development team can help you address your company’s design, communication, internal, or client-facing needs with custom development technology that is tailored to your business.


The Elements of Custom Development

Custom does not always mean "from scratch." Most people are mistaking in thinking that just because something is custom, it's a lot more expensive and takes a lot longer to build. The key is to find a developer who specializes in custom development and understands and implements a "re-use" model to their coding practices.

Building a New Website

There are a ton of reasons to get a new website. Design, updated look and feel, new graphics, etc. But more importantly, it's an opportunity to address everything wrong with the old site. This is where we see opportunity for our clients to fix SEO issues, get the bonus rankings from Google for being "fully" mobile friendly, update your messaging, bring your company into the new age. Even if your company's been around for 50 years, your new customers have not. They're millennials that have grown up on technology and their expectations of how a site should work and service them are far different than your previous or long-term clients. Get updated, and more importantly, stay competitive!

Responsive Web Design

Mobile responsive. We've all heard it. We even think we know what it means. But do you understand the consequences if you don't have it, or worse yet, have it, but not done right? Responsive mobile design means that your web template automatically adjusts and shifts content, graphics and navigation around based on the viewing device (i.e. mobile phone, tablet or desktop). While many companies have had their sites "fixed" to be responsive, they kept the old site and just had work done to it. The bad thing about this is that Google has changed their web crawlers to now fully render every page crawled (i.e. meaning that they load the CSS, JavaScript, etc.), so they can determine if you're truly 100% mobile friendly. Our experience has shown us that trying to update and maintain an old site, doesn't cut it, and your site is basically penalized in its rankings. We had that problem last year and a competitor caught up with us. We spent 6 months and built a brand new site, and within 3 months after launch, not only did we recover our losses, but we've doubled that competitors traffic and ranking visibility.

Search Engine Optimization

SEO. How does it work? What does it do? Well, I think we all know it's used to help inform Google (okay Bing and Yahoo too) about your content, hoping that when people search for "stuff," Google will show links to your content and drive traffic. Well, it's a science, and one that Google makes over 650 changes a year to. Are you up on all 650 changes? Do you know how that affects your site? What are you doing about their latest updates? Don't worry, more than 95% of our clients aren't doing anything either. The other 5% are smart enough to know to call us and let us help them beat the competition. Whether you need us to perform an audit and help with your strategy, train your team or do all the work, Clarity is happy to jump in and get you the help with your SEO services.



Development for Small Business

 No one working at a small company feels like it's small. Every small company is fighting to compete and grow and often their problems are bigger than their larger counterparts since they don't have anywhere to hide mistakes. It takes a development company that works with all sizes of companies, like OJSS, to be able to truly help and ensure that all the web design, development, graphics, messaging, SEO and more hit the target that will best serve your company's goals. OJSS specializes in websites for small companies.

Custom Web Development services

One thing that sets OJSS apart from other web development services is our focus on customizing websites to meet our customers’ needs in as finely-tuned a way as possible, while minimizing costs. Our custom internet solutions extend to the following features: ERP integration, CRM integration, web design, customer portals, SEO functionality, quote request forms, supply chain management, and so much more. No matter what your business needs, we can develop it.