Types of QR codes Provided by OJSS IT Consultancy

Types of QR codes Provided by OJSS IT Consultancy

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This is the most common kind of code. Many times, QR codes link to a site where customers or potential clients can find useful information, free resources, coupons, or a landing page of services.

Having a QR code linked to your website can be helpful when you want to promote your service as a company or freelance, but also if you’re going to increase the number of email subscribers.

You can send your readers or clients to a landing page with useful information and even free resources in return of their email address by just scanning a QR code.


Mobile Page

You can also store a message, text or whatever information you consider essential in a QR code by linking it to a mobile page. Once you select this type of code, you can add as many words as you please. You will see a small content management system where you will be able to change text, customize it and add images, gifs, youtube videos and much more.


QR code generator google maps

Map And when you thought you had seen everything a QR code proves you wrong. Yes, it is also possible to link a QR code to a map or address. It is as simple as adding the information to the form, so your QR code redirects the person that scanned the code to the address you want them to see in Google Maps.This type of QR code can be used in many ways, including fun ways like creating a scavenger hunt for your friends, family or even your class if you are a teacher.



A vCard is an online business card that can help you make networking much more effective than with old fashion business cards.

A QR code can point to a vCard where all your professional information is stored. You choose which information to share, and also you can include a link to relevant websites as your portfolio, services or social media accounts. You need to select the type of QR code in the QR code generator to vCard and fill out the fields of the form to get it ready.

The use of a vCard is to enhance the usability of Business Cards, and what better way than adding a unique design to it: a customized QR code. You can find detailed information on why using a QR code in a business card is really important in this article.


Download file

When you create a code to download a file automatically is because either you are advertising something or because you want customers to try something from your company. Ok, maybe there are more options here, but these are very common.

This kind of QR code can help you promote your store by having people download your brochure of products, unique discount codes or coupons, but it can also be beneficial for products that need assembly since you can link the QR code to an instructions manual that your customers can easily download to their smartphones.Remember that the reasonable limit in size of the downloadable file is 5MB.



This kind of code is pretty straightforward. You can’t upload a video because it will be pretty heavy. However, you can link your QR code to a previously uploaded video on Youtube.Use this option to promote a video, have customers learn more information about a product or to help with instructions. Another great use of this kind of QR code is to show your latest music video or trailer.

The video format is becoming the king of media nowadays and it is vital for success.


Social Media

Who doesn’t want to gain more followers and get attention in social media? Exposure and brand recognition can increase sales and revenue and what better way to do it than making people discover and follow your brand on social media.

Head over to the QR code generator of your choice and choose the social media option. Then add to the form the link to the social media account you want to promote, add text and activate the follow buttons for twitter, facebook, etc.

In this case, you can also create your very own landing page where you can share all your social media accounts and explain to people why they should be following you and what will they gain from it.

Remember that the internet is full of social media accounts and websites and you need to deliver something that will resonate with your audience, so get creative and tell them why they should follow you and not someone else.



Here is yet another exciting kind of QR code that you can create with QR code generator. Not all of them have it, so if you think this is a suitable type of code and that it will be good for your business, make sure the QR code generator of your choice offers this option before you sign up.

If you select this option, you will see a form with different possibilities, usually payments and donations. Each one has different fields so let’s take a look at both of them.

If you want to create a code for donations, you will need to include your PayPal email address, a donation description and the type of currency, while if you want to select the payment option, you will need a bit more of information.

You can use the payment option to have customers pay quickly for some products instead of waiting in line. You will have to select those products beforehand and introduce the number, name, and price of the product. This can be helpful for promotions or packages when you know precisely the number of products someone is going to buy so you can add the QR code Paypal payment.

Again you will need to add your PayPal username or email address and the currency of your choice.



With this kind of code, you can organize in one place all the links from the different app stores where you have your app. Forget about adding a link per code; here you can add the links to your Android, iPad, iPhone, Windows, and Blackberry app stores and have people easily spot their store where they can download your app.

Promote your app in a fun, easy and different way by adding a QR code to your promotion flyers, brochures, billboards and any type of advertisement.