Social Media Strategy


Social media can be prime drivers of brand awareness and online reputation, and social platforms are currently the favorite places to engage with brand loyalists. Customers who spend a lot of time in social media are more open to new ideas, more likely to switch brands, more likely to relay positive brand experiences, and more likely to defend brands they love. In short, they are the alpha-communicators. And you want them talking about your brands.


However, these platforms are not what they used to be. Facebook, for example was once a great place to get your brand in front of customers without having to pay for it (so-called earned media). That party lasted only 2-3 years. Today, Facebook is a paid media platform, since it has adjusted its algorithms to effectively block brand posts from reaching more than about 2 per cent of fans. Twitter is following suit, and we expect all other social platforms to soon be charging to reach the audiences you have built.


Talk to us about developing strategic approaches that save you time and get maximum value from the social spaces where your markets invest their quality time.