Our core service  registration website builds along with registration and attendee management. Putting together the perfect event is a shared challenge with new layers of options, negotiations, services, features, and technology coming into play. OJSS IT Consultancy will be your partner every step of the way. At OJSS, providing the greatest possible registration experience for each and every person is our objective and you will see we deliver just that.


 Registration Website Builds


Creating the ideal website for your meeting should be put into the care of knowledgeable specialists. With our best-in-class registration website development skills, we can design the ideal online event portal for your meeting.


QR Code Integration with ID Cards


Do not spend hours checking-in attendees at the door with a piece of paper or spreadsheet. Control access to your event by generating a QR code for each ticket and validating that tickets by scanning it at the door and track attendance; check-in or check-out attendees with the push of a button. Your audience can bring the QR Code on paper (invitation, ticket etc) or in electronic format to be checked-in, which will only take seconds. The benefits of qr code ticket scanning:


·         Potentially paper-less events which simplifies the process and reduces costs


·         Faster check-in process for you and attendees, saving you both time and money


·         Better tracking because human error is removed the the check-in process and a registration record is kept for all attendees.


QR Code for Promotions 


You can think of a QR code as a paper-based hyperlink that connects the physical world with the online world. For marketers, QR codes allow advertisements, brochures, posters - even clothing or billboards – to direct users to mobile landing pages that contain much more information and interactivity than can be afforded on the printed page. This integration between print and web via mobile adds a new dimension of communication to any marketing or outreach effort.


SMS Panel Creation & Management


We design "Send to All" option in our Web Interference Portal, so SMS will be send to all delegates just with one click.


For Example:


·         Dear Rahul, Thanks for registration.


·         Dear Rahul, Your Registration Confirmed.Your Registration No. is ______. For More information visit our Website www.ojssindia.in


·         Dear Rahul, Reminder Message for event.


·         Dear Rahul, Thanks for attending Youth Conclave on topic "___".  click on following link for Certificate.




·         Dear Rahul, Thanks for attending Youth Conclave on topic "___".  click on following link for Certificate.  http://www.ojssindia.in.  Team Youth Conclave.


·         Honest efforts can bring big achievements, and you all have proved it well. Heartiest congratulations for the success of Youth conclave "___". The Team of Youth Conclave wish you all the very best of future.....




Report Creation & Management


When you collaborate with our team, we will deliver data in ways that is immediately relevant and useful to you. Our reporting is offered in standard and customized formats designed to fit with your operations.


Attendee Communication


OJSS Registration centralizes attendee communication to ensure consistent, on-point messages are received and responded to every time, all the time.


Mobile App Creation


Mobile Application Designed  


eCertificate Design


e – Certificate  is the concept of paperless certificate . Just Click on Button Certificate send to all delegates via  text sms.


Benefits of Our Registration Services


With our unsurpassed service and automated, online tools we take the time and hassle out of registration so you can:


·         Simplify registration for all your conference participants


·         Increase the number of registrations and improve attendance year over year


·         Eliminate tedious, error-prone or duplicate data entry


·         Capture all registration data in a centralized location – no more juggling multiple spreadsheets or starting from scratch each year


·         Stay informed and gain visibility into real-time and historical registration data


·         Reduce the time, cost and complexity of planning your next event