Quick Response Student Attendance Management System with In Out SMS Alert

Child Safety is very important nowadays and everyone wants to get SMS alerts from the school about their child attendance in the school. Traditional ways of sending SMS is very time-consuming. It takes so many hours in collecting data and informing the parent about the child attends.

Taking students’ attendance by instructors during class is a time consuming process especially when classes are big. We are introducing a new solution named as Quick Response Student

Attendance Management System with SMS Alert to automate the attendance.

System Working

The proposed solution offers a QR code for the students to scan it via a smartphone mobile application. The QR code along with the student identity taken by the application will confirm the students’ attendance. The students will need to scan the code in order to confirm their attendance.

Real Time Student Entry Dashboard

Disaster Recovery System

Less administration work

Advance notifications and gentle reminders in financials activities like

fee collections.

Mass notification services for any unplanned event.