Offshore Software Development Company

If the cost of software and Website development keep increasing in your country and might be the reason for competitive disadvantages against your competitors already. Considering Offshore software development could be the solution for you, please do not hesitate to talk to OJSS Team.

By outsourcing your software development to us, you will have a whole skilled international team working on your project at highly attractive prices. We get more projects done, faster, easier, on time and within budget. You do not need to worry about hiring costs, training costs etc.

India now provides excellent value for money considering the overall strong custom software development skills and very competitive pricing.

OJSS IT CONSULTANCY specializes in custom software development working with International clients from various countries and in different languages.

OJSS IT CONSULTANCY will be happy to support you in the planning and execution of outsourcing your software development to Thailand as a cost-effective strategy that creates best results, best quality and value at the same time.

Our Approach:

  • Emphasis on finding the best talent and investing in constant developer training including foreign language courses
  • Excellence in communication
  • Flexible Support of Time Zone Differences.
  • Thorough Understanding of your business needs
  • Quality, reliability, and cost effectiveness
  • Creativity and Flexibility
  • Intellectual Property Rights protection
  • Building & Maintaining long term client relation ship
  • Expertise in diverse technologies and domains

Our offshore software development model makes sure we delivery maximum targeted results to our clients.