With prevailing weather conditions which includes extreme hot weather it really seems that our planet is going to face an uphill task in the coming future. Every day we hear news related to extreme weather from different parts of the world. This holds true for India as well.

The need of the hour is to grow as many as trees we can and not only grow but also to take care of them forever. This will definitely help in cooling down the planet as there will be an increase in the amount of oxygen and ability to absorb carbon dioxide.

Ojss India IT Consultancy is one such environment friendly organization which always believes in adopting to eco-friendly technologies and also promoting anything which is good for our environment. Under this great initiative called as ‘Global Green Campaign’ we wish to plant as many as saplings as we can and taking a pledge to take care of those saplings for at least  year till they become sustaintable for long term.

We want you all to come and join us in promoting this great initiative. As we all know that monsoon is round the corner, hence, it is really a good time to plant a sapling and help us in promoting this awesome Global Green Campaign by Ojss India.

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