Facebook Advertising Agency in India

Facebook Advertising

Facebook ads is a form of paid marketing that is charged by clicks, impressions, or auctions. Facebook offers a variety of ad formats, such as video, image, carousel, slideshow, collection, lead generation ads, post engagement, page likes, and event responses.



Why are Facebook Ads Important?

Facebook ads are one of the most cost-effective solutions for marketing an online business. By using Facebook Ads, you can create specific campaigns for:



Brand Awareness – To reach people who might be interested in your brand and, ultimately, increase brand awareness


Reach – To reach the maximum number of people


Traffic – To increase website traffic, app traffic, or Facebook page traffic


Engagement – to increase engagement (i.e. post likes, post comments, post shares, event responses, claim offers etc.)


App Installs – To increase your app installation


Video Views – To increase exposure to your video view count


Lead Generation – To collect lead information from interested prospects vie lead capture forms


Messages – to initiate a conversation with prospects by increasing messages on Facebook messenger


Conversion – Reaches people who are more likely to convert on website or app


Catalog Sales – To use specific ads that show items from catalogs to a target audience


Store Visits – To reach people near your location and get them to visit your store

Setting up a Facebook ad campaign offers you strategic opportunities to grow an audience, build a brand, generate traffic, and increase your revenue.

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